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Does food only mean feeding yourself? Food is an experience like listening to a melody or reading a good book. There is much more to eating than just finishing up your plate. Food is not just a necessity for survival but actually an art. Cooking, serving, eating are all part of food science. The food industry has undergone several revolutionary changes in the recent years. Experimenting with food is a never-ending genre. The newer and fresher word for this is GASTRONOMY, an amalgamation of different cultures and food which imbibes the social, artistic and technical aspects of food.

Food knows no boundaries; understanding different cuisines and coming up with new recipes is what the food world is all about. Good food is not just about having tasty food but an entire journey of transporting you to a happy place; the aroma, presentation, taste all play equally important part. With so much going on in the food world, how can we stay behind. It is important to stay at pace with the changing food trends, the food wave that has taken over the world.

Major Food Trends In 2018

Vegetable Centric Dishes

New food trends of the food world

Yes, you heard it right. One of the major food trend of 2018 involves increased popularity of vegetable centric dishes. Vegetables are not just sides anymore. The importance of vegetables has been long known. Have all of us not been threatened to finish those greens on the plate?

Vegetables dishes are soaring high in the food trends sky now. The vegan trend has also majorly boosted the whole vegetable scenario in the food world. Beautiful vegetable grills, stir fried veggies, healthy entrees, pizzas or pasta toppings add the nutritional crunch. An endless variety of guilt free options like carrot noodles, turnip fries, zucchini boats, steamed string beans,asparagus etc. makes it even more tempting.

Street food Inspiration

Know about the latest food trends

Street food has created a major rage in the food industry. With an increase numbers of food trucks serving delicious food, street food is the new eating out culture. Restaurants across the world are taking inspiration from outside food and serving street fare at the dining table.

Street food is also associated with comfort. All of us look for the familiar comfort amidst of all the sophistication and experimentation. Street food is also renowned for being at the forefront of food innovation and its popularity has exploded in recent years.We expect to see dumplings, wraps, kebabs, chaat, shakes, chaap’s, burgers, sandwiches etc. become even more popular on indoor menus.

Calorie Tracker

You what you eat

Fitness trackers are a huge part of the healthy food movement. With the increased awareness about health, calorie trackers have become part of the whole healthy eating food trend.  It is actually a cool way of managing what you eat and how much you eat throughout the day. Calorie trackers have made managing diet hassle free. So, if you are planning on getting a calorie tracker for yourself, do not delay.

The Milky Way

Know about healthy dairy alternatives

The food revolution in 2018 has witnessed a shift in the dairy choices. There has been a major drive in shift from the traditional dairy products. The non-dairy change has gained a huge amount of popularity in the year 2018. Dairy-alternatives like coconut milk, soy milk, almond milk etc. have become part of the supermarket’s shelves. There are now nearly a dozen alternatives to cow’s milk. Cashew, rice, pea, and hemp are some other natural sources that offer a healthy alternative to dairy products.

The new changes in the food world are not just the need of today but also a way to keep pace with the healthy way of eating. So, ditch the old ways and start experimenting with the new and healthy food ideas. Be part of the change, be the healthy change.