Depression During Winter – Tips to deal with winter blues

Depression during winter - Healthians
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Is cold weather bothering you? Are you feeling the winter blues? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This happens to many people. They feel lethargic, sad, and face difficulty in concentration due to depression and insomnia during this time of the year. There could be several causes of different types of depression, one being seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which is caused by the altering seasons. Common symptoms of depression include gloom during the fall and winter months, insomnia, loss of appetite, social withdrawal, hopelessness, and depression that limits normal functioning and motivation. Symptoms begin to worsen around the fall and the peak of the winter months.


Signs of depression are mostly common in children, teens, women and men.

SIgns of depression - Healthians

  • Mood swings

People suffering from winter blues can become sad and hopeless. They can be self-critical and over sensitive to criticism. They might even shed tears more often and easily.


  • Lack of socializing

They spend less time with friends and family. They avoid participation in social activities.


  • Low energy

They suffer from inexplicable exhaustion and low on energy.


  • Change in eating patterns

Symptoms of winter blues may include loss of appetite or cravings for simple carbohydrates which can cause overeating. This can result in both weight loss as well as gain in different cases during the winter months.


  • Alteration in sleep cycle

A person might sleep less or more than usual in this condition which hampers the daily routine.


  • Lack of concentration

It can affect one’s daily performance at work and in school or college. It negatively impacts motivation which hinders target achievement and academic success.


  • Lack of enjoyment

The person might feel dissatisfied and may stop participating in social activities.


However, the good news is that you can get rid of depression by following some simple tips.

Get rid of depression - Healthians

Exercise regularly

Go for a walk, swim indoors or hit the gym. Else get up and dance to your favorite music.  These activities can fight mild-to-moderate symptoms and causes of depression in teens as well as adults.


Get a sunbath

Go for some light therapy and gift yourself enough daylight. You can place your exercise equipment and make your workstation near a source of sunlight like window. Apart from this natural light lamps can also help. Sunlight is a great source of vitamin D which is responsible for emotional health. Consult your medic and go for a vitamin D supplement.


Eat healthily

Depression leads to weight-loss due to a lack of appetite. However, one should consume complex carbohydrates such as whole grains to boost energy. Fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and carrots have nutrients that encourage good mood and overall health.


Go aesthetic

Involve yourself in indoor activities like painting walls with bright colors or pamper yourself with a great nail paint. Even fragrances add to the feeling of well-being and can improve the viewpoint of an individual. Try different varieties of essential oils and perfumes.


Encourage your soul

Read a good book or simply write your thoughts and feelings on paper. This helps relieve stress and improves health and wellbeing.


Go to a sunlit environment

If you have the time and money, then gift yourself a trip to a warmer and sunnier place.


Seek medical assistance

A therapist can help you become an optimist. He can help you train your mind to think positively which makes you feel better.


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