Summer is just around the corner. While you must have liked soaking up the sun in winter and getting your dose of warmth in the cold winter winds, you would hate the idea of doing the same in summer days. We understand, but how about soaking in the morning sunlight? 

You may think that UVA/UVB rays are harmful for you, so how would it be a good idea? Well, there is no denying that UVA/UVB rays are harmful for you, they can cause skin cancer and a range of skin and hair issues. But just so you know the damage is way lesser when you soak up the sunlight in the morning. Morning sunlight is not too hot, in fact pleasant. The cherry on the cake is, it can have a lot of health benefits for you. 

This blog will discuss those health benefits in detail. 

It’s your key to improve night time sleep 

Tired of twisting and turning in the night trying to sleep? If you have trouble sleeping at night, soaking up some morning sunlight can actually help. As per a study, individuals who soaked up the morning sun were found to have a restful sleep compared to those who didn’t soak up the sun. 

This is because the morning sun can help set a better circadian rhythm. It helps synchronise the body’s internal clock, which is responsible for your sleep and wake cycle. Apart from that, circadian rhythm also plays a role in regulating metabolism. 

Boosts vitamin D levels

This had to be on the list. Sunlight is your source of vitamin D. And just in case you were forgetting, vitamin D is essential for bone density. In conjunction with calcium levels, vitamin D prevents osteoporosis for you. Osteoporosis is a bone disorder which makes your bones fragile and prone to fractures. 

Can make you happy 

Have constant depressive moods that make you think you have depression? Before you reach any conclusions, try soaking up the morning sun. Morning sunlight can improve your mood and make you happy. Sunlight is your natural mood booster. It triggers the release of serotonin, a chemical that makes you feel good. It is for this reason that you may feel sad and depressed if you stay in dark rooms for a long time. You need sunlight for a happier and more cheerful YOU. 

Can boost energy levels throughout the day 

Do you wake up tired? If yes, and this tiredness doesn’t leave you for the rest of the day, morning sunlight can come to your rescue. Sunlight can boost your energy levels. This happens because of the suppressed levels of melatonin that increase alertness to provide you with energy and enthusiasm to go about your day as you planned in the first place.

In addition, it can provide a boost to your productivity. If you are having writer’s block or have trouble concentrating, go out in the sun and try again after coming back. You’ll observe clarity which will help you be more productive. 

Enhances skin health 

Wish to get a clear and glowing skin? Morning sun can get you closer to the skin of your dreams. You may not believe it given that you may have heard that UVA/UVB rays harm your skin health. It’s true if you soak in excessive sunlight without skin protection. However, if you soak moderate morning sunlight, it is beneficial as it promotes circulation, contributing to a healthier skin.  In addition, it can promote healing of skin issues, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. 

While soaking up the morning sun is beneficial, you must protect yourself 

There is no denying that the morning sun is less harsh and has more benefits for the body and mind, it doesn’t mean you should elude sun protection. Sun protection is necessary – more than necessary actually. This includes wearing sunscreen and full-sleeve clothes, a hat and sunglasses. Aim to soak in 10-20 minutes of sunlight every morning to get the benefits and stay clear from harm’s way (UVA/UVB rays). 

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