Ladies, today’s world is all about getting independent and standing on your feet with your head held high. So, are you doing that? Are you standing on your feet and not on your 5-inch long heels? 

We get it, feeling and looking your best in the corporate world is important. So, you may think that going to your workspace donning a messy hairdo, wearing a crinkled shirt and flat sandals may spoil your boss-lady look. 

For the first and second pointers, fair enough; A messy hairdo and crinkled shirt won’t do. But 5-inch heels every day? You have to cut yourself some slack. 

Wearing high heels every day may spruce up your outfit and persona, but at what cost? Your health. Just so you know, you are doing more harm than good if you’re wearing heels every day. That damage may be irreversible. 

We’ll be discussing just that in detail 

You’ll be attracting strain, tears and fractures

When you are wearing high heels, you are putting more pressure and weight on your forefoot, middlefoot and the balls of your foot. This added weight and pressure is something that your foot may not be able to handle daily. Consequently, it may cause tears, fractures and contractures. You may also experience joint pain which may not get better with time if you keep wearing high heels for long every day. 

Ankle sprains

Remember those times when you found yourself stumbling wearing high heels? You got saved somehow. But it may not always be the case as you are always at the risk of twisting your ankle if you wear high heels daily. 

Not to mention, heels can place the foot and the ankle in unstable positions, which may make you more prone to muscle injuries as they become fatigued, injured or inflamed with time. 

Poor posture

Here is a gentle reminder that your body language communicates a lot. This body language includes your posture. So, if you’re trying your best to leave a positive impression on your clients and superiors, having a poor posture may be the last thing you need. 

As heels place your feet in a downward extended position, the pressure on your forefoot increases. Consequently, your body will have to adjust its posture to handle that pressure. 

Even a 3-inch heel can put 75% extra pressure on the forefoot. So, think through. Are your favourite pair of high heels even worth it if you end up with an unnatural curvature? 

Knee and back pain

If you’re working a 9 to 5, chances are high that you may already be struggling with knee and back pain. Heels will only add insult to injury. 

Remember, heels don’t just change the way your foot functions, but they also impact how you stand and walk. As mentioned, heels put extra pressure on your ligaments and your backbone; making you more susceptible to knee and back pain. This pain may also transcend to arthritis if you continue wearing heels. 

Toe injuries and deformities 

It’s simple. You’re literally tip-toeing your way around in high heels. So, don’t be surprised if you form toe injuries and deformities. 

If you continue to wear high heels, you may also develop a ‘hammertoe’. It is the worst consequence of wearing high heels as it can make your toe deformed. You don’t want that, do you? If not, you know what needs to be done. 

Poor balance 

The constant stumbles and falls are a sign that your body is struggling to balance when you wear high heels. You’re already damaging your toes while you stand, but you’re making things worse when you walk. 

Remember, it already takes precision and balance to navigate inclines, elevations and rough surfaces. You’re adding up a level of challenge wearing heels, especially stilettos, which can further damage underlying connective tissues and bones. 

Constricts blood vessels

Heels can make your foot appear thinner and longer. It’s not the natural position of the foot. Having said that, this unnatural position can put extra pressure and stress on your foot, which can result in constricted flow of blood. Over time, it can even cause the blood vessels to break. 

Closing thoughts 

So, now that you’re aware of the damage you will be inflicting on your body, ask yourself, is it worth wearing high heels and exhausting your bank balance in the process? A sheer no, we think. But the call is yours to make. So, what would it be? Good health or good looks? 

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