There are days when you feel like your most energetic self, and then there are others when you feel stressed and physically exhausted even when you haven’t climbed mountains. There may be a lot on your plate – whether they are professional obligations, personal duties or just some things that keep you from having a moment of peace. If you are familiar with the feeling, you’re basically overwhelmed. 

Yet you go about your day, sleep at night, and wake up to a new shining day thinking that everything is okay, and your body is functioning as it should, but it’s not always the case. Just so you know, your body has its way of telling things. Likewise, it may show signs that you need to slow down and cut yourself some slack. 

This is your cue to recognise those signs and do the needful at the earliest. This blog will discuss those signs in detail.

You can’t focus

Finding it hard to focus? If yes, this may be your cue that you must slow down. Your cognitive functions get affected for the worse when your mind and body are burning fingers to the bone. It’s a sign that your body is struggling to keep up and that’s why it can’t utilise its resources for cognitive development. This is when you should take a step back and slow down till you are ready to be back. 

You have stiffness in your neck

Do you feel some tension in your neck? If yes, consider this a warning sign. You may have inflammation surrounding the region that feels more like a throbbing pain. Doing some stretching can help. You may even feel better after resting. 

You don’t feel refreshed even with a good night’s sleep 

A good night’s sleep can cure anything. That’s what everyone says, It’s your body’s window to relax. A well-rested body should feel recovered, meaning high in spirits and more productive than ever.  But if this doesn’t apply to you these days, it simply means that you are putting more pressure on yourself than you should. 

Take a step back. Rest. Subtract some tasks from your to-do lists for a while. Take some time off to give your body and mind some time to rewind. 

You can’t walk for long 

If you were used to walking more than 8,000 steps a day. But you cannot do so anymore for some reason, you should consider slowing down. Having no energy to meet this target simply means that your body is utilising energy to recover rather than fueling your routine activities such as walking. Let your body relax and recover so you can get back to life with the same zeal and energy. 

You feel cranky 

Having mood swings for no good reason? If yes, it may be a sign. Our emotional health can be affected if our mind and body aren’t well rested. Physical health affects mental health. You may feel worried, anxious and uneasy in this case. This is because mental exhaustion triggers your sympathetic nervous system, turning on the “fight or flight” mode. Consider your anxiety an alarm telling you something is wrong. That “something wrong” is a sign that you need to cut yourself some slack both mentally and physically. 

You’re clumsier than usual 

It is okay to be clumsy –  falling down from time to time, bumping your pinky toe on the bed foot, dropping things every now and then. But if this clumsiness has become a usual occurrence for quite some time, it may be a sign. You have to be mindful here. Focus on the present, rest and go about your day like you should. 

Closing thoughts 

You must listen carefully and keep your eyes open for these signs. Recognising when your body is telling you to slow down is essential for your health and happiness. Ignoring these signals can lead to burnout and other problems. By tuning in and giving yourself the rest you need, you can stay balanced and feel your best. So, listen to what your body is saying, and take the time to recharge when necessary. Your well-being depends on it!

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