India’s spirit is its festivals. We observe a variety of holidays each year, but Lohri is the first holiday that follows the new year. Lohri, which is also known as the harvest festival, is observed to welcome the vibrant spring season and is thought to be the last day of winter. In Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, the event is also known as Pongal and Makar Sankranti.

A roaring blaze marks the beginning of the Lohri celebrations. Around the traditional fire, people sing, dance, and have fun while enjoying delicious feasts and festivities. Lohri is completely unique and is, in reality, healthy to the core. To celebrate this fortunate day, a broad range of sweet and savoury foods are prepared, including popcorn, Makki-di-roti, gajak, and rewri.

Here is a list of some healthful treats you can indulge in guilt-free during the Lohri festival and not compromise on either your health or your celebrations: 

Make the most of the peanuts

Since peanuts are frequently available now, it makes sense to make the most of these inexpensive nuts. These are a great source of vital amino acids, folate, and manganese. It is well known that peanuts help to improve metabolism and control blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it helps the body absorb calcium and maintains the health of the joints.

It is also advised to choose roasted peanuts to enjoy their benefits this festive period rather than salted peanuts to satisfy your hunger. You can also usually eat peanut chikki, which is a treat made from peanuts and jaggery and gives you both energy and satisfaction.

Atta Ladoo

Not only are atta ladoos frequently served during Lohri celebrations, but they are also among the most well-liked in North India. They may be made with just three ingredients: flour, jaggery, and ghee. The harvest feast is heavily reliant on jaggery. Additionally, every ingredient used in the recipe is healthy and nutritious. To improve the flavour of this recipe, dry fruits can be used.

 Eye on popcorn 

Popcorn immediately brings to mind images of movie theatres when you hear the word. Humble food offers much more than just enjoying it while watching a movie though. It is a very high source of fibre and has a very low calorific value when it comes to its nutritional worth. It is an antioxidant-rich whole-grain snack that guards the body against free radicals and inflammatory diseases because it is made of whole grains.

Additionally, it may keep you fuller for longer and prevent you from overindulging, especially during festive events. And if you are trying to lose weight and are considering how to keep your resolution this season, popcorn should be your favourite pick-me-up snack. 

Stick to sesame seeds

Without treats like Rewri and Gajak, Lohri celebrations would be incomplete. These are frequently made with sesame seeds and jaggery and are popular throughout the season because they have so many health advantages. These include easing menstruation cramps, cleansing the blood, improving digestion, and reducing joint discomfort. 

These seeds are a good source of iron, which raises haemoglobin levels and protects against anaemia. Along with offering a variety of nutrients, these seeds also help to keep you warm during the winter season.

Mind your plate

Find your healthy eating style and develop it throughout the course of your lifetime, as symbolised by your plate. It is about the proper combination of foods in the right amounts that can make you healthier, now and in the future:

  • Include a variety of vegetables and fruits on half of your plate.
  • Make whole grains like rice, wheat, bajra, or jowar on half of your plate, whether they are in the shape of chapati or rice.
  • Switch up your protein regimen.
  • Switch to fat-free milk or yoghurt

Final thoughts 

This was all about the traditional dishes and snacks we enjoy on Lohri; you can welcome your guests with a selection of dry fruits or homemade treats like til chikki or peanut ladoos or other healthier options.

However, keep in mind that everything in excess is bad for your health. Changing the mind game is closely tied to a healthy body and soul, even though the delicacies we eat on Lohri are healthy. Regular exercise will help to control the hormonal urge to binge and stop exercising. It has also been found that meditation is advantageous to you and can help you stick to your goals.  We hope you enjoy celebrating Lohri to the fullest and also give the above-mentioned healthful treats a try. Do let us know which one you liked the most. 

Furthermore, you should also undergo preventive health checkups. These health checkups give a complete report about your health, allowing you to take necessary precautionary measures to improve your well-being and keep various ailments at bay.

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