“The brain is a muscle that can move the world” – Stephen King

We’d wake up for a morning run or take a short walk after meals; as fitness freaks, most of us will do as much as we can to keep our bodies healthy. But what about our brain? Our brain is the most crucial part of our body and well-being, but sadly, only a little attention and care is given to it.

Most people do not consider brain health imperative. But just so you know, brain health is as important as physical health. Just as your skin and body age with time, your brain does too. It is vital to keep it young and healthy as you age to avoid brain-related diseases or issues that may spoil your elderly life. These include occasional memory loss, attention deficit, and serious illnesses like dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Thankfully, there are tons of everyday habits you can inculcate to keep your brain as young and healthy as ever. We will be talking about them in this blog. 

Learn a new language

Even though learning is not something that requires a particular age and excuse, still here’s to give you the 101st reason– learning can keep your brain young and healthy; even when it’s learning a language. Learning a new language doesn’t only help you increase your knowledge, and add a new skill and language to your CV, but can help you keep your brain young as ever. 

This is because learning a new language can develop and enhance new sections of your mind and strengthen its natural ability to focus, process information, and entertain multiple possibilities. All of this involves exercising the brain which can keep it healthy in the long run. 

Learn a new musical instrument

Not all of us learn a musical instrument to join a band, some of us just learn it for the fun of it. So, here’s to give you one more reason to start if you have been planning on it for far too long – learning a musical instrument can enhance cognitive ability through improved neuronal communication between the brain’s left and right hemispheres. This supports the development of memory, learning, fine motor skills, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Practicing the same every day can keep your brain engaged and healthy for years to come. 

Draw or paint

To all the non-artists out there, how long has it been since you held a brush in your hand? If you can’t seem to remember, perhaps today is the day to pick the brush after all. As per research, painting and drawing keep the creative part of the brain alive and healthy which could support us in taking unconventional yet wise life-transformative decisions throughout our life. 

Not to mention, practicing this form of art can enhance memory recollection skills and sharpen our minds when it comes to conceptual visualization and implementation. As per research, individuals who indulge themselves in creative activities are unlikely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s, as they age.


The next time you give exercising a hard pass, think twice. Exercise is not only good for our physical health but our brain as well. Exercising or any form of physical activity can help you think and develop problem-solving abilities. In addition to that, it can also enhance memory and help with anxiety. Most importantly, it can also diminish the risk of cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Solve puzzles

Sometimes, all it takes to add fun to life is a challenge. It can be a bridge between survival and living. Ergo, it’s imperative to challenge yourself every day – even if it is something as little as challenging yourself to solve a puzzle. 

Solving puzzles reinforces connections and coordination between brain cells. In addition, it can increase the production of dopamine in the brain. It is a chemical that improves memory and concentration and regulates mood.  As per research, it is also an effective way to enhance short-term memory.

Read books

When they said excess of anything is bad for health, they forgot to consider reading. In other words, reading books is one such habit that can never put you in harm’s way. On the contrary, reading books is highly beneficial in your day-to-day life and for your brain’s health as well. 

Reading books can strengthen connections in the brain, and improve concentration and memory. It can also control stress levels and cognitive decline that comes with age. 

Bottom line

Anything related to the brain should never be undermined – not now and not in the future. This includes brain health. Keeping your brain healthy and young is vital for living a good and healthy life. With these tips and activities, you can ensure just that. Remember, every day is like a drop in the ocean, it counts. So, pick any of these everyday activities to keep your brain healthy and young as ever.

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