Are you on a quest to transform your skin? Well, we are not talking about skin lightening (it’s not a thing and you should be in love with your skin complexion, whether dusky, pale or white), but getting healthy, clear and glowing skin. This includes skin free of pimples, hyperpigmentation, tanning and all the other skin issues that prevent you from having the skin of your dreams. 

So, what is the solution here? Expensive skincare products? Maybe or maybe not. The key here is the right skincare. It’s natural to be conscious about your skin, after all, it’s the first thing you see in the mirror. So, you cannot afford to make mistakes that harm your skin. Consciously, you wouldn’t make mistakes, but unconsciously you may be doing so; courtesy – half knowledge, misinformation and myths. 

This blog will highlight some mistakes that you may be making 

Not applying sunscreen 3 times a day

Do you know that almost half of your skin issues will get fixed if you apply sunscreen three times a day? No, this is not us but renowned dermatologists speaking. We wouldn’t be overstating it, but sunscreen for your skin is what water is for your body. Your skin may not need sunscreen to survive, but it does require it to be protected from skin issues, of which skin cancer is the deadliest. 

Whether it is dark circles, hyperpigmentation, or tanned or dull skin, sunscreen can make these skin issues better. 

While we are at it, let’s say one more thing. You don’t just need to apply sunscreen in the morning, before heading to work. You need it 3 times a day – whether you are indoors or in your car. Ideally, you should apply it every 3-4 hours to ensure maximum protection. 

Not washing your face before going to bed 

Just as you have this urge to change into loose and comfortable clothing before hitting the bed, your skin also requires a change. In this context, it’s a cleansing routine. You may be too tired to get up from your bed; we get it, your day must have been exhausting. But here is a gentle reminder that you are doing more harm than good if you are still not washing your face before sleeping.

Falling prey to the temptation of sleeping with your make-up on and dust over your face can lead to more pimples. Your skin energises and refreshes itself while you sleep, so it needs to be cleaned thoroughly for effective skin repair and restoration. 

Investing in harsh scrubs 

Picture this. You are out shopping and come across a face scrub that promises deep exfoliation. You fall for it and bring it home dreaming of perfectly glowing skin. Just so you know, it’s just wishful thinking. 

Exfoliating can cause tiny tears and impair the skin’s natural barrier. This is not to say that exfoliation isn’t important. It is but in moderation. Instead of opting for a harsh scrub, you can consider investing in a chemical exfoliator after having a word with your dermatologist. They will recommend the best product appropriate for your skin. 

Ignoring chest and neck 

Do you apply a cleanser all over your face – your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin but not your chest and neck? If that’s so, you are making a big mistake. Just so you know, your chest and neck are exposed to sunlight and pollutants too, just like your face. Hence,  there is a need to protect these areas and clean them at the same time. 

Excluding these areas in your skincare routine can cause wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and fine lines. Not to mention, the skin on these areas is thinner and more delicate than the face, making it more prone to damage. 

Burdening your skin with a gazillion products

Neither your skin nor your bank accounts require you to buy a gazillion skincare products. Most of the skincare products available are mere marketing gimmicks designed to feed on our insecurities.  So, don’t fall prey. Just swear by a good cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen, designed for your skin type (the latter is very important) and you will be good to go. 

Not prioritising nutrition 

Those hundred skincare products can’t do what your diet can. So while you are taking care of your skin, don’t forget nutrition. Aim to eat a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure your skin gets the right nutrition to glow and remain healthy. 

Not patting skin

Grabbing the towel must be the first thing you do after cleaning your face. What if we tell you it’s a mistake? Towels house bacteria and germs. You will be exposing your skin to them if you opt for a towel. A much better alternative here is to pat your skin dry. 

Additionally, you must not rub your face while applying products. Simply dab and pat. Doing otherwise can cause premature ageing and the development of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Closing thoughts 

So, which of these mistakes have you been making? Now that you know and are out of the woods, we hope you will be doing your skincare right. It’s your skin after all, take good care of it.

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