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Passing urine is one of the important nature’s call that every human has to answer. It is an urgent, important call and should not be controlled. But many a times your urine gives signs that something has changed in your body. Since, both urine and excreta are human body’s waste material, if something which should be utilised by the body is thrown away in them, it clearly indicates that a particular process of a particular organ in your body is either not working at all or is not doing its function properly.

Your urine can sometimes irritate you too. There are instances where the urine cannot be controlled as the muscles holding your urine have become weak (commonly seen in young mothers). Whereas, there are instances where a frequent urge to urinate rushes you to the bathroom, but you realize it is just an urge and no urine. It sometimes pisses you off!

Here we have summed up few reasons and facts which urine tells you and what it could be hinting at.

Frequent urination – What could it be?

If you have been feeling thirsty and rushing to the bathroom quite often than regular do get your sugar levels checked. Most commonly seen in diabetes, individuals rush to the bathroom to urinate as kidneys are forced to work overtime to filter and absorb the excess sugar. If you have been drinking too much of alcohol, it could too be a reason of frequent urination.

Remember, unless you are pregnant there is no reason not to get yourself checked with the doctor for frequent urination.

Pain while urinating- What could it be?

When you pass urine, does it hurt? Now this can hint at two major things. One is Kidney stones and other is Urinary Tract Infection.

Kidney stones are a very common health issue seen in middle aged people where excess acids and salts that are not flushed from the kidneys form together and cause kidney stones. These small stones do not cause major pain until they are in the kidneys but as they move towards the urethra with the urine they cause terrible pain and discomfort in urinating. Get yourself checked soon for proper medication as Kidney stones cannot be removed by surgery. They can be broken down into minute pieces and powered by laser which will then with time pass through the urine.

Urinary Tract Infection is very common in people who do not maintain toilet hygiene. Sharing toilet commodes also causes UTI. Pain along with itching, frequent urination with burning sensation are clear symptoms of UTI which can be correlated with a laboratory report of urine. It is often accompanied by low grade fever and chills. For both these cases having a lot of water helps majorly. The more the water intake, the sooner are the benefits are seen.


Urge to urinate but nothing comes out – What could it be?

This is the commonest symptom of all the urine disorders. It can hint at UTI, Cystitis or Prostate gland enlargement. Here, there is an urge to urinate and when you go to the toilet, nothing comes out. If accompanied with differential symptoms like fever for UTI or pain in sex for Cystitis then treatment can be done. This is an annoying feeling but a very important symptom to be discussed with the doctor.

Pain while sex – What could it be?

This kind of a problem is rarely informed to the doctor and mostly ignored by all. It’s a sexual health related issue where people have still not come out of the taboo of discussing it. Yes it’s a symptom that shall be hinting at some underlying health issue, like a Sexually Transmitted Disease. If every time you have sex there is a discomfort in the vagina of the female and penis of the male, please discuss with your doctor and do not ignore it. There can be chances of suffering with Cystitis. Here the individuals will have pain during sex along with several other symptoms like frequent urination and / or heaviness in lower abdomen. Individuals who have sex for the first time or have it frequently complain of Cystitis. Sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and urethritis should be checked for.

Females shall definitely be complaining of pain in the lower abdomen where the doctor evaluates the pelvis whereas in males the doctor might even check for symptoms of enlargement of the prostate gland.

The different colours of your urine- What could it be?

Urine has its original pale yellow colour. But the first urine in the morning is generally deeper in colour. Different colours of the urine can hint at few metabolic defects in the body. You can cross check with the following list. If the urine is

  • Green – Can be due to UTI
  • Brown- Your liver is getting weak
  • Orange- You could be having dehydration
  • Pink or Red- Urine might be having strains of blood and could be something serious. Get it checked soon.
Your are healthy when your urine is

  • Pale yellow in colour
  • Does not have a foul smell
  • Pass urine 7-8 times in a day
  • Does not cause burning
  • Does not cause any pain

Check for any of the signs and hints your urine gives you and report it to the doctor for a correct evaluation and treatment. 

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