There are two types of people in the world. First, those who don’t like winters, and second, those who do. Now that the weather is getting colder, frostier and bitter, some of you may be happy, others may be sad. Well, you all have your reasons to hate or like winters, but do you know what happens in your body in the chilling season? 

Yes, you feel colder, you get lazy and sleepy all the time, but does your body function the same way it does during other seasons? Well, almost the same, except there are a few changes that take place in your body in the colder season. 

Curious? Well, read along to find out. 

You burn more calories 

Are you glad to read this? Sure, you will be. While the increase in calorie burning is a natural response to cold conditions, it may not necessarily translate to significant weight loss on its own. We’re sorry to burst the bubble but you must know that even though the body burns more calories in winter, it’s not enough for you to notice a difference in your waistline. 

Nevertheless, your body burns more calories in winter owing to a faster metabolism. Your metabolism speeds up as your body struggles to keep you warm. 

Pain gets worse

Here is something you may not like. If you happen to get injured in winter, it will be more painful as compared to what you’d feel in summer. The same applies to those suffering from arthritis

The increased intensity of pain can be caused by the smaller arteries that transport blood to the skin constricting as a response to the cold weather. Moreover, the tissues in our joints tend to shrink which can cause a nerve pull and joint pull. 

So, we hope you do things mindfully. Even if it is something as little as hitting your pinky finger to the door, it can be intense enough to make you scream your lungs out. 

Your face becomes red 

Well, this is no news. It may have happened to you or someone you know. Probably your cheeks or nose get red whenever you head outside. 

Even though it is common, do you know why it happens? Here is why. 

The blood in those parts of the body gets redirected to more vital areas, such as your heart or lungs in colder weather. However, when you are warmer, the blood returns to its normal location, flushing you in the process.

For the ladies, it may be good news. You don’t need that cheek tint anymore. Your skin becomes your natural tint in winter. 

Your skin gets dry and your lips chap

Getting that flawless hydrated skin may become difficult as the wind gets colder. You may also feel that your lips are getting chapped in winter. So, why do these things happen? 

To put it simply, cold air contains less moisture. When the environment around you gets drier, your skin dries too. But this is just the outdoor factor. The inner atmosphere, in your house, is even drier because of heaters. The consequence is dry skin that can become scratchy and duller in the biting cold. 

As for chapped lips, the reason goes along the same lines. The cold air coupled with low humidity levels takes away the moisture from your lips. On top of it, harsh winds add insult to injury, stripping away natural oils and making your lips dry.

Your muscles tighten

Do you feel exercising becomes tougher in winter? You are not alone. This difficulty usually arises because your muscles get tightened and stiff in winter. So, you must do a proper warmup session before you work out. 

While you are at it, maintain proper form to avoid injuries. If you happen to get injured in winter, your injury may take longer to heal due to decreased blood flow. So, be cautious. 

You may get more migraines 

Life gets difficult when you have migraines. We understand that. So, here’s some news that may not please you at all. Winters can make your migraines worse. This may apply to people whose migraines are triggered by low levels of vitamin D. As exposure to sun gets limited in winter, you may find yourself getting migraines more frequently. 

Additionally, if dehydration is your trigger, winter can mean more migraines as you tend to drink less water. 

Closing thoughts 

Winter is surely a season to cherish. You’re free of the humid weather, you enjoy the bonfires, and that cup of hot chocolate becomes more delightful. While there are perks, there are disadvantages as well. But there is nothing you can do about it other than accepting and cherishing the cold season. 

So, while you enjoy and cherish the biting cold, don’t forget to take care of your health. Summer or winter, your health deserves the best treatment! 

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