What I experienced during my last blood test: Sarabjit

Going for a blood test for me has always been a nightmare. Blood test for me meant needle, blood and pain. I have very few memories of a blood test as a kid, but whatever I remember of it, the memories always give a shiver down my spine. My parents made sure that I was healthy and ate well and was physically active to keep my childhood healthy. But as I grew independent and my lifestyle changed. My eating habits changed with work pressure and the word exercise was restricted to only brains but none for the body. This lead to reducing stamina. I had to put in effort in even climbing stairs for my office. Joint pains and low energy and falling sick with each season change did not let me concentrate on my work and family too.

Curiosity and doubt caught better of me and I surfed through the net, only to realise that I was either moving towards some cardiac problem or hypertension.  My parents have it too. This made me look for online websites that offer lab test for a preventive health checkup. Healthians caught my eye. Healthians firstly had a pop up on its main page at 11:00 pm at night to help me assist in booking a health check up. Being so busy I felt like the most important guest for them. The guidance I got from their representative was very welcoming. The links to all the checkups are descriptive and could match with each symptom I was having. It felt as if the package was especially designed for me. In no time I clicked on the Book Now option and did the formalities of payment. I got a patient id and a confirmation mail of the person who would come for free sample collection.

Now came the day of my test. I was damn scared and my daughter was making fun of me as I was literally sweating with the thought of a ruthless man piercing the needle into my arm. Sounds little Bollywood-ish but it was a real sight for my family. Sharp at the committed time, came the person to collect the sample. The second big brownie point which Healthians earned was the image of the PHLEBOTOMIST. Until that day, I took them to be any other person. But my perception changed after seeing his neat and hygienic look, well dressed in a uniform, a smiling pleasant face. Why I am mentioning this here is as I have got tests done for my parents from different laboratories having chains across India, but had such an experience. I got to know that day that the person who collects the blood is called PHLEBOTOMIST and is a professional with desired qualification and training. While taking about his qualification all my fear just went away and he made me sit in a very relaxed and comfortable position. He made me close my fist tightly. With my fist, I also closed my eyes and was just clenching my jaws tightly as I knew it would hurt. I heard him say “Sir aankhein khol lijiye, ho gaya”. I didn’t even come to know of the prick. He told that at Healthians they use Smartprick technology that ensures minimum pain by laser guided blood collection. The way my blood sample was kept in a blue safe bag with Healthians written on it, I was sure that my health is important to them. He handed me the receipt of my details and the test I had undergone.

As assured, I got the reports on time in my mail and within 40 minutes of receiving the mail got a call from a consulting doctor to discuss the reports with me. I was all the more glad as never has a doctor called up himself to tell me how to take care of my health. At Healthians, free doctor and dietician consultation is my most likeable point.

I am glad that I chose Healthians to be my first choice for getting a blood test as they made me feel that my health is important to them. This personal feeling is lost in most of the labs as they have become a money minting factory. Healthians also offers a very interactive app. Options such as Health karma (which gives a detailed health risk assessment based on my lifestyle inputs ), Heath tracker (where I can track my sugar, B.P, medicines) has made my life a lot easier.  I even booked my parents tests through the app by uploading their prescriptions. I now very conveniently carry all diagnostic records of my family on my phone.

The positives of Healthians have already started making me feel healthy. I appreciate the personal feeling I got from Healthians and wish them luck!


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