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“I am suffering from diabetes; I am tired of being tired and talking about how tired I am”!

Does diabetes make you feel tired all the time?

Diabetes, a life-long disease, affects the way our body handles glucose, a kind of sugar present in our blood. Most of the people diagnosed with diabetes suffer from Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes also know as non insulin-dependent diabetes, is a chronic condition that affects the way our body metabolizes sugar (glucose), which is the body’s important source of fuel. In Type 2 Diabetes, our body either resists the effects of insulin, a hormone that regulates the movement of sugar into the cells or doesn’t produce enough insulin to maintain a normal glucose level.

What Causes Diabetic Fatigue And What Can Be Done To Gain Our Energy Back?

Feeling tired or lethargic is one of the most common and spiking symptoms of diabetes. It has been reported that most of the people suffering from diabetes experiences excessive tiredness to the extent that it interferes with one or two life functions.

Let us have a look at the causes of diabetes chronic fatigue:

  • High blood sugar: When the blood sugar levels are high, they make the blood sticky. It becomes difficult for the blood to easily get through the capillaries, and to bring oxygen to the cells. Therefore, our cells do not receive the energy they need, making us feel tired.
  • Low blood sugar levels: When the sugar levels in our body become low it indicates that our cells are not getting enough energy. Therefore, it will make a person feel tired or fatigued.
  • Insulin resistance: This condition keeps the glucose out of the body cell, so they don’t have enough energy.
  • Mental stress: People suffering from diabetes are mostly stressed out. This also keeps them feeling tired and exhausted most of the times.

Fatigue Treatment

The two most common reasons feeling tired or lethargic are experienced when the sugar levels in our body become too high or too low. In both these situations, feeling tiredness is because of the imbalance in the blood glucose levels and the amount and effectiveness of insulin.

So all the people suffering from diabetes, it is important to keep a check on your sugar levels!

Diabetes fatigue treatment includes:

  • Keeping a control on the glucose levels. It is important to regularly monitor the sugar levels.
  • Drinking plenty of water is important, as dehydration also leads to fatigue.
  • Healthy eating is vital keeping the blood glucose levels balanced. It is important to centre your diet on high fibre and low-fat foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • If you are experiencing low blood sugar levels then it is advised to drink or eat something that can quickly raise the blood sugar levels like fruit juice, glucose tablets, hard candy, regular (not diet) soda or another source of sugar. These helps in bringing the blood sugar levels to normal.
  • Having a relaxed and peaceful sleep of 8-10 is important to keep the energy levels high.
  • Naps are also very essential. If possible, people suffering from diabetes should take a small nap in the afternoon. This will help in relaxing their body.
  • Some form of light exercise can help in balancing the sugar levels in the body and will also energise a person.
  • Meditation helps in relaxing and calming our entire body.

The important thing to remember about diabetes is that “You Couldn’t stop it, Can’t cure it, did not cause it but can regulate it “!

Know Your Sugar Levels