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10 Ways To Improve Your Health Today

top 10 things to do for better health

Contributed by- Dr. Snehal Singh

The perks of healthy living is known to all. All of us know the importance of eating healthy and exercising still most of us do nothing about it. Life is busy and can be brutally demanding but it is also extremely important to give ourselves the attention that we deserve. The world is constantly changing and so are we, be it the increasing waistline, painful joints or wrinkly skin-our health is a matter of concern that needs our immediate attention.

But is there anything that can be done about it?

Yes, choosing a healthy lifestyle can do wonders and transform you into a much better and healthier you. A smart diet plan is essential not only to maintain weight but also to provide you with the right nutrition to protect your health. Also, physical and emotional fitness are an essential part of your healthy lifestyle – healthy living should not just be a part of live but the way of living.

But the real dilemma is, How to stay healthy? What are the lifestyle changes necessary for healthy living? How can we make health part of our busy lifestyle?

Here are the 10 most effective things that you can do for your health today:

Think healthy

The simplest answer to how to be healthy is to ‘think healthy’  because healthy living starts with a healthy mind, right from planning your diet to making those plans part of your reality. Planning plays a huge part, you have to be aware of your choices as these choices can make or break you. Plan your everyday activities accordingly and avoid indulgence. Make sure to include the healthiest items in your shopping list and cook them in the healthiest ways (boiling, steaming or grilling). Try to make healthy physical activities part of your breaks and vacations.

Discuss your health plans with friends and family or even better make them a part of your workouts and diets. It is also really important to stay positive and let go off the negatives. Stop overthinking and stressing out and start finding happiness in the little joys of life.


Choose wisely

The trick is in making the right choices; so, start opting for healthy food options. Make a list of healthy foods to eat and stock them up. Choose fruits, veggies, milk, eggs, and lean meats. Choose whole fruits over products rich in sugar content.

Avoid processed foods; instead pack more on complex carbs and protein rich foods. Cut down on sugars, have salt in moderation and avoid oily and fatty foods. A little bit of self control can take you a long way. Try incorporating healthy ingredients like quinoa, oats, green and fresh vegetables etc. into interesting recipes.


Eat on time

While it is important to check what you eat, it is also essential to note when you eat. Due to busy schedules most of us do not have their meals on time or skip meals, it might seem harmless at that time but can have really harmful affects on our health.

It is always wiser to begin your day with a healthy breakfast and pack your meals if you are going out, a hearty breakfast keeps your energetic and healthy. Let healthy foods and  snacking options make way to your kitchen replacing all the high calorie or junk food. Start having small meals at regular intervals as it will save your from the hunger pangs and ensure good health.


Eat slowly

Stop gobbling down your food and start respecting it as you are only as good as what you eat. It is good to control the portion size but you also need to manage the way you eat your food. Food gives you nutrition, enjoyment and satisfaction, all this can be achieved only if you eat slowly. Chewing is a very important part of digestion so skipping or not chewing your food properly basically hampers the whole process.

Smaller, healthier meals when taken slowly triggers the hormones that gives you the satisfaction of a full tummy. It also helps in better digestion and reduces the chances of bloating and gastric disturbances.


Drink healthy

Water is essential to our survival, it also plays a big role in maintaining good health. Drink plenty of water to get rid of those toxins – you are sure to enjoy good health and a glowing skin. Water is truly magical, it can solve half of the health problems. Always try to drink more and more water, carry a bottle with you and take small sips of water throughout the day.

Prefer water, buttermilk, green tea, coconut water than sweetened beverages. You may also consider red wine sometimes as several studies have shown that it is good for heart. The antioxidant properties in red wine helps reduce the risk of heart diseases, but it is necessary to have it in moderation.


Be active

Being active is another really important aspect that plays a major role in achieving good health. A proper and healthy lifestyle should always include some physical workout. Our modern day habits are really unhealthy and most of us are stuck in sedentary work routine. Therefore, it is necessary to move those muscles. Physical workouts also protects you from several health complications. 

The simplest way is to walk for your health or jog if you can. You can choose to swim, dance or join yoga class. The type of exercise routine you choose can depend on your fitness and overall health. Making small changes like walking down for shopping, taking the stairs, engaging in simple household etc. can help you stay fit.


Step out

Go out in open air and breathe freely. May be for walk, sports or shopping – spend some time outside to enjoy the nature and good health. Going out in the sun is also essential to get the natural dose of vitamin D, particularly during winters and colder areas. Going out can rejuvenate your health and mind and do miracles in improving your health status.


Sleep well

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things for your health. Our body recovers and prepares for the next day while we sleep which is really necessary. Adequate sleep not only helps ensure smooth functioning of the entire physical system and hormonal balance but also helps in  managing weight.

A good nights sleep recharges your body and mind and fills you with the energy to go out and achieve amazing things. Sleep is really important, do not ever underestimate its importance.


Don’t miss your dose

If you are on medications, make sure you take your daily pills, as advised. Keep a watch on your vaccination schedule and meet your doctor as planned. Medicines are important and it is important to take those medicines on time.

Follow your doctor’s advice and take your medication seriously. Sort out your medicines according to time and dosage, so that you don’t skip any medications.  A little bit of proper planning and care can help you stay healthy.


Plan health checks

To stay healthy, you also need to know what is coming your way. Preventive and screening health checks help detect such health conditions that you may not be aware of. It is really important to stay aware of our physical wellness and work towards maintaining it.

Also, regular blood tests to monitor existing conditions like diabetes, cholesterol levels, thyroid etc. not only ensures good health but can also help prevent complications. So, follow medical advice and plan your timely blood tests and health checks to remain healthy. Preventive health checkups help you stay on your toes and get timely treatment.

Check your health status

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