Contributed by- Dr. Snehal Singh 

Are you confused about donating blood? Well, blood donation is not just good for soul but also great for health. Blood donation is a small contribution that we make as individuals towards saving lives. A good deed always gives a great high that elevates your heart and makes you feel proud of yourself. Blood donation is not very different. Donating blood helps save life .

Engrossed in our busy lives we hardly have time for ourselves, forget about taking out time for others. So, donating blood is a really easy way to do your share towards the society and gain health for yourself. Not much is known about the health benefits of blood donation. Proper awareness about these benefits can encourage more people to donate blood.

Here are the amazing advantages of blood donation that the donor benefits:

Improves Heart Health                                                     

Donating blood can improve your heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders and stroke. It is believed that increased level of iron in blood can raise the risk of heart disorders. However, with regular blood donation, excess iron levels are reduced. Thus making it safer for the heart and avoid heart problems.

So, if you want your heart to stay healthy for for blood donation every six months.

Increased Red Cell Production

After blood donation, your body starts working towards making up for the blood loss. This stimulates the body cells to produce more red blood cells, which can improve your health and help your body function better. Thus, by donating blood you are boosting your red blood cell production. This is all the encouragement you need to take the step towards becoming a regular donor.

Better Weight Management

Yes, you heard it right. Donating blood can actually help you manage your weight much more effeciently.

Blood donation can help burn calories and lose weight. While the red blood cells are replenished over the next few months, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine helps with the weight management. However, it is just a part of wellbeing and not a weight loss plan. So, do not go overboard and do it as per recommendation.

Reduced Cancer Risks

Cancer is really scary. With no proper cure available cancer in most cases is fatal.

No matter of precautions that ensure security from this deadly disease but a little preparation never hurts anyone. By donating blood at suggested intervals, you can protect yourself from iron overload, which can also reduce the risk of some cancers.

Better Health

Regular blood donation stimulates body cells, improves overall fitness and helps maintain blood pressure. The feel-good factor of doing a good deed that comes with blood donation, gives a feeling of satisfaction.

In addition to these health benefits, the blood donation process comes with free blood tests and health check prior to the donation. Blood tests are done to detect haemoglobin and to assess the risk of certain infections, diseases and to ascertain whether the person is fit to donate or not.

Blood donation and it's healthy benefits

Is It Safe For You To Donate Blood?

As against the common myths about blood donation, your health can actually improve if you donate blood. Giving blood feels like a needle prick and is not at all hurtful. When you donate blood, your stores do not deplete; only the permitted amount of blood is taken, which is absolutely healthy and recovered soon. Blood donation does not make you weak or affect your physical abilities; you can resume your routine the very next day. Drinking plenty of water and having a nutritious diet can help.

Anyone between the ages 18 to 60 years can donate blood, only if they are healthy and meet the required criteria. Incase, someone is suffering from certain ailments or taking medicines, it is best to consult your doctor beforehand and give the proper details during blood donation check-up. Women too can donate blood if their haemoglobin and overall health meets the blood donation requirements. It is ideal that women avoid donating blood when menstruating, pregnant or feeding.

With due care and sterile precautions, blood transfusions are safe and one of the best gifts that you can give to someone in need. And yes, blood can be separated into its components like plasma, platelets and red blood cells. These can be used for three persons, so you can save three lives with just one blood donation. Blood transfusion can save lives and you have a chance to play your part. Blood donation is not just helping others but also self help.

So make this vow to yourself today to donate blood. Every blood donor is truly a hero who plays a role in saving lives.


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