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How To Keep Up With Your New Year Health Resolutions?

Ideas to keep up with your new year health reolutions

Contributed by- Dr. Pooja Chaudhary

What can be a better time than the beginning of the new year to start afresh? Have you decided on your new year resolutions? Remember to make health a part of it.

The start of a new year is not just a bearer of new hopes, joys, excitement and celebrations but also a time to stop and reflect on the year that has passed away. To remember our triumphs and our failures, to be thankful for what we have and to be hopeful for new success as new year is all about getting a new chance; a new chance to be a better versions of ourselves. New year resolutions are a part of this amazing tradition of new opportunities which fills every heart with excitement and determination to do better.

But how many of you actually keep up with those resolutions? As the year proceeds the excitement, motivation and enthusiasm often seize; the new year resolutions are soon forgotten buried deep under everyday routine, hectic lifestyle, weekend plans, parties and what not.

Do not let this year be the same, this year stick to those promises that you made to yourselves. If you think that you lack self -discipline, motivation or are not able to prioritize your health, we have some tips that will  help you stay on the right track and help you achieve your new year health resolutions.

Be specific about your goals

It is time to play smart  and be realistic about your goals. Instead of making a long list be specific about your goals. The best and the most doable method is making small, concise and proper plans. This way you can take one step at a time and easily stick to your goals.

Being over ambitious and setting your targets too high is not going to be helpful. A systematic and sensible plan is the best way top go. Track your achievements as it will act as a motivator and will boost you with new energy to continue towards achieving your health goals.

Eating healthier

A healthy outside sure does begins with a healthy inside. What we put in our body is really important as healthy eating is the most effective key towards a healthy body and mind.  Almost every year most of us make that promise to eat healthy but fail at it. The reason behind this is giving in to our temptations; junk, fried foods, sweets are pure sinful indulgence.

Do you love partying and eating out? Well nobody is telling you to stop enjoying yourselves or to stop partying but do remember that moderation is the key. This year to ensure that you keep the promise of healthy eating it is important to have control on the emotional eating and practise self-control.

  • The best way to start your day is with a healthy breakfast which keeps you healthy and energetic throughout the day
  • Start replacing your munching snacks with nuts or fruits
  • Drinking more water daily is one of the wisest thing you can do
  • Include healthy yet tasty and innovative recipes in your diet which include smart ingredients like quinoa, oats, green and fresh vegetables, fruits etc.

This year it is important not to stray from the path; stay patient and achieve what you set out for in the first place; a healthier and better you.


The importance of physical workout is known to each one of us, if you intent to live a good  and healthy life exercise is a must. Regular exercise not only keeps you healthy but also ensures your mental well being. But exercising daily can be a challenge for most of us and giving up is always an easier option. A smart and good plan is the key as it will motivate you to stay disciplined and stick to your workout regimes.

The best tip for this is to set an achievable and realistic target. Take baby steps, start exercising three times a week .  Once you get used to this routine  you can always increase your days, this way things will be comfortable and achievable. Also opt for the workout regime that interests you; a lot of options like yoga, aerobics, gym, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing etc. are available these days. Stay true and have faith in yourselves.

Health checkups

“Health is wealth” is a saying so true, your health is truly one of the most precious treasures of life. This new years good health is a must on every list as you are only good as your health. Regular health checkups can assist you in achieving the goal of a healthy self.

Getting regular health check-ups is a must, no matter how busy you are or how healthy you feel. If you are too busy or lazy to go to the lab then you can opt for a home collection service. Regular health checkups are really necessary as they help you keep a track of your health and diagnose health issues. If you suffer from any disease like diabetesheart problems, thyroid, high cholesterol etc. health checkups and regular tests are a must.

Family first

Our families are the pillars of our existence, our most significant motivator and constant support in all our endeavours (big and small). It is essential to focus on the people who care about us the most to stay happy and healthy. Share your fitness goals and discuss your constant achievements with them. Your family will be the gleam of hope when all seem lost and you want to give up.

You need all the support to achieve your health goals and your family is the perfect support system as they truly believe in you even when you doubt yourself. Just set your health goals and start working towards getting them; always remember that each day makes a difference.

Reward yourself

Don’t you love being appreciated for your success and your efforts? Well it stands true incase of your health goals as well. Start rewarding yourself for every small achievement. It will not only motivate you but will also make your efforts worthwhile.

Whether starting a new habit or trying to change an old habit, the way to achievement is reward. Whenever you meet your goal set on your timeline; pamper yourself by buying what you like or anything that will make you happy. This idea is really rewarding as it will increase your self-confidence and will make you stay motivated on the right track.

The most important thing you can do to yourself this year is to learn to be happier with your life and focus on your progress rather than perfection. Stay thankful for what you have and hopeful for what you want to achieve. Always remember that you deserve the healthier version of yourself and there is no easy way, so start working on it.

Let us reinvent ourselves this year and see what we are really capable of.


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