The new year is just around the corner. A new year means new opportunities. So, how do you perceive this year to be? If you are looking for a prosperous new year, let’s just remind you good health is important for it. When you have good health, you have the courage, energy, motivation and means to make it big in life. 

So, let this new year be all about health and wealth. But we are not going to insist on making New Year resolutions; for we know how it works. You’d make big New Year resolutions only to forget them later. Ever wondered why these resolutions don’t work? Because they are unsustainable. They demand too much from you that you ultimately give up. 

So, how about we start small? Little things go a long way, remember? Taking small steps counts, it’s the most sustainable way to ensure that you stick to your plans. They demand meagre effort but contribute significantly to turning your health around, for the better. 

So, let’s see how you can change your health and life in small ways. 

Walk half an hour every day

If you hardly find time for yourself in the day, amidst household chores and professional obligations, a half-hour walk can give you the time you need. Do not consider this short walk as a walk only, but the time you spend with yourself and for the sake of your health. 

The cherry on the cake is that a half-hour walk is enough to keep your blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure in check. So, while you are having your me-time, you’re also improving your health. That’s called hitting two birds with one stone. 

Take the stairs 

Did you know that taking the stairs burns more calories than jogging?  Well, taking the stairs may be demanding but totally worth the effort.

Not to mention, it is good for your heart health, strength, bone density and flexibility. It is also a great stress reliever if you have been feeling stressed lately. 

A stairway to good health indeed. 

Limit junk food 

Junk food has become an inseparable part of our lifestyle that insisting on boycotting it completely wouldn’t just be fair but impossible as well. 

So, let’s take the sustainable approach as we discussed above, shall we? Instead of boycotting junk food, how about you limit it to 1-2 days a week? 

If it gives some motivation, junk food may be the reason for 99 of your issues. Not only can it harm your health but can also make you cranky. It can even spike up your stress levels and cause anxiety – all thanks to the high amount of refined carbohydrates that can cause blood sugar fluctuations, triggering insomnia, panic attacks and some symptoms associated with anxiety. 

Improve your sleep

Watching that one episode of your favourite television series may seem tempting but just so you know you are doing your health more harm than good. Sleeping for 8-9 hours daily is crucial. So, if you feel you must improve your sleep cycle, this is the year to start. 

Catching your zzzz can be highly transformative for your health. You will be in a better mood, burn extra calories and improve your brain and physical health in the process. 

Read a book

Well, this is for your brain health and life. Reading a book doesn’t only improve your cognitive skills such as focus and critical thinking but also helps you form a new perspective on life and things. 

You can start with one book and finish several books as you finish the previous one. Remember as they said, books are your best friends. 

Have fruits daily

Want healthy and glowing skin? Include fruits in your diet and you’ll have the skin of your dreams. Fruits such as orange, avocado and watermelon are rich in vitamin C, helping you have radiant skin. 

Aim to eat at least one fruit per day to see how your health transforms. 

Closing thoughts 

So, are you all set to change your health and life for good in the new year? Remember, consistency is the key. If you ever find yourself demotivated or procrastinating, remind yourself how you want your health to be in the new year. Every small step counts.

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