For all the foodies out there, the real blessing is eating as much as you want without the fear of getting fat. We all have that one friend who has a great appetite but doesn’t put on weight. Well, the truth is that they were not born with a secret potion but with a healthy metabolism instead. A fast metabolism, often associated with a healthy metabolism, is the body’s ability to process the food it gets and convert it into energy to fuel its requirements.  

But a fast metabolism doesn’t only have to do with  weight regulation, but energy regulation too. Apparently, there are lots of benefits that a fast metabolism can have for your body. Even though your metabolism chiefly depends on genetics, lifestyle habits come into play too. 

Before you decide that you must work to boost your metabolism, you must know if a fastened metabolism is what you really need. There may be chances that your metabolism is already fast and healthy. 

Here are a few signs that your metabolism is fast and healthy. 

Regular and frequent bowel movements 

Going to the washroom frequently to poop may be an inconvenience for sure, but it could mean that you have a fast metabolism. A fast metabolism ensures that the body processes food faster. It may indicate that your digestive tract is functioning well. Digestion and metabolism go hand in hand to break down food and produce energy required by the body. 

On the other hand, infrequent bowel movements generally indicate a slower metabolism. Consequently, people with a slower metabolism may not go to the bathroom twice a day, but once a day or once every other day. 

That’s the case generally. However, infrequent bowel movements may not always mean a slower metabolism. Your diet can also be the reason.  

You feel energised

Are you somebody who feels energised all the time when your friends and family feel sluggish? Being energised is a good sign. It may mean that you have a faster metabolism. As we discussed above, your metabolism and digestive system process food to produce energy. If you feel energetic all the time, your metabolism may be fast enough to process food healthily to provide you with energy. 

You recover faster after a workout 

If you don’t drop down on the bed for hours after the workout, you may have a healthy metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the faster the recovery. This means you are less likely to experience muscle soreness, pain and fatigue after a workout. 

A faster metabolism ensures that the body has enough energy to heal after a workout. It is also necessary that you supply your body with essential nutrients to speed up recovery. Make sure you consume an adequate amount of protein and carbohydrates after a workout. 

Your concentration power is good

Are you blessed with good focus and concentration levels? If yes, you may have a faster metabolism. Just so you know apart from physical activities, mental exercises also require energy. 

A faster metabolism ensures that adequate energy is supplied to all the parts of the body, including your brain, to help it perform better. What you will have on the table is better focus and concentration levels. 

You recover quickly after illness 

Even though your immune system is responsible for recovery after getting sick, your metabolism helps too. Please note that your immune system and metabolism are closely linked.  A strong immune system would use the energy efficiently to help you recover quickly. Your metabolism may be faster if you have mild symptoms or if you recover quickly. 

You lose weight without trying much

We have reserved the last one as a no-brainer. Your metabolism is fast if you are losing weight without trying. A faster metabolism means that your body burns more calories even at rest. Consequently, you will require more calories to function. If you don’t supply the body with the same, your body will resort to your fat stores for energy. Hence, you’ll lose weight faster and with meagre effort. 

Closing thoughts

So, what is it for you? Do you have a fast metabolism or a slow one?  You may even make basic lifestyle changes such as eating more protein and doing strength training exercises, to make your metabolism faster if you feel it is slow. However, you must remember that these signs are just signs, things may be different for you. You can get your metabolism tested if you are looking for accurate information about it.

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