Confused about what to eat prior to working out? We live in a time when people take working out at the gym extremely seriously, yet they frequently go to the gym on an empty stomach, either because they’ve bought into the idea that one shouldn’t eat before working out or just because they don’t know what to eat pre-workout. 

But this doesn’t imply that you stuff yourself silly before working out either. The secret is to take the middle road, which entails eating the right thing in the right quantity at the right time.

Your workout will go better if you have healthy food before you start exercising. It will also help you recuperate after your workout. You should eat different foods in varied amounts depending on the type, duration, and intensity of your workout. 

In order to prepare your body for a workout and improve your performance, experts in health and fitness advise consuming the correct nutrients and carbohydrates beforehand. 

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Here are a few recommended pre-workout snacks:


Bananas are a good source of carbohydrates, which can help you work out longer and feel less fatigued. Additionally, bananas are rich in potassium which aids in greater muscle contraction and even helps reduce cramping.


Oatmeal serves as a quick snack and a steady energy source, making it ideal before working out. Dietary fibre, which oats are high in, has many health advantages. In addition to boosting immunity, oats are considered to aid in weight loss since the fibre keeps you satiated for longer.

Fruit yoghurt 

Light on the stomach and delightful, this protein-rich combination can minimise muscle breakdown, increase energy levels, and improve muscle recovery.

Apple, almond butter, and raisins

Apple and raisins have an adequate amount of fibre which goes superbly along with the monosaturated fats from the butter made of almonds. Not only does this delicious combination satisfy your morning hunger but also gives you sufficient energy for your workout. 


Watermelons are naturally high in L-citrulline amino acid, which may help in boosting nitric oxide activity in the blood, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and thereby boosting stamina.

Broccoli, grilled chicken, and sweet potato

A protein-rich diet is a must if you intend to build muscles. Try this combination to make a protein-dense meal and have it before exercising. Broccoli and chicken also contain iron that helps in promoting brain health, boosts immunity, improves blood circulation, and aids in keeping muscles functioning appropriately.

Peanut butter toast 

This pre-workout snack is a fantastic source of carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. In addition, peanut butter offers a number of minerals, including magnesium, niacin, vitamin B6, and others, to boost your performance while exercising.

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Trail mix

A trail mix made out of dried fruits, nuts, and seeds is a great pre-workout snack. They include a variety of vitamins and minerals that are simple to digest and provide instant energy.

Granola bars

This nutritious low-calorie and low-fat snack typically incorporate oats, muesli, and honey, all of which offer quick additional fuel to the body. It provides the necessary amount of iron and fibre, which can be digested at any age.


It is packed with fat-burning properties. Before going to the gym, try to have a cup of coffee which will convert your fat cells into an energy source and thereby help in reducing your weight. Stick to black coffee only. Avoid adding milk and sugar to the coffee. 

Final thoughts

For pre-workout meals, a mix of carbohydrates and protein is strongly advised. You should eat various things in various amounts depending on the type, time, and intensity of your workout. 

You should always keep in mind that you don’t need to eat many pre-workout meals at varied times instead choose any one of them. 

If the exercise is scheduled to start in two to three hours or more, one may eat an omelette with whole grain bread.

If the exercise is due to start in two hours, one may substitute an oats smoothie with whey protein and half a banana, or a protein bar with a piece of fruit. If your meal is just before an exercise session, think about reducing the portion size.

Written by: Anjali Dharra

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