You may need to avoid fried, processed, and sugar- and calorie-rich foods if you want to lose weight, but it’s good to give in to cravings sometimes. Whether you refer to it as a cheat meal or an occasional indulgence, it is acceptable to give in to your cravings while you are trying to lose weight. Everyone has a favourite cheat day that they find difficult to sacrifice, whether it be chole bhature, pancakes, chocolate cakes, or biryani.

According to research, your body speeds up your metabolism after a cheat meal, which helps you burn more calories. Increased levels of leptin, a hormone secreted by fat cells and in charge of preserving the body’s energy balance, are to blame for this.

Why cheat day is important

It’s essential to stick to a diet plan. It improves overall well-being by helping with weight loss and body toning. But if the thought of indulging in that double-cheeseburger and a sugar-dusted doughnut makes you lose concentration, don’t allow that guilt to get the worse of you. Feel free to indulge since occasionally cheat days are just as necessary as diet days.

According to scientific research, having cheat days helps you feel better by changing up the monotony. It maintains hormonal balance, gives you energy, and speeds up your metabolism. A cheat day every so often will also keep you motivated to stay on track and meet your goals. So, ignore that guilt and continue with your planned cheat day.

One meal only

Make sure you cheat on one of the meals rather than going all-out for the entire 24 hours. Plan your lunch or dinner and keep to your schedule. This will enable you to maximise your cheat day. Don’t be overly strict with your diet; just enjoy the meals you prefer. Additionally, this will avoid guilt from creeping in and stealing your optimistic outlook.

Eat Consciously

Just watch that you don’t order too much food. You cannot satisfy your cravings by just stuffing everything down your throat. As a result, you will end up throwing up more than your body can take. Plus, you will discard the benefits of days of exercise and healthy eating. So, eat mindfully, in small portions, and enjoy each bite of food you consume.

Give it a lot of fluid support

When we are normally hungry, pizza, burgers, and rolls come to mind. But keep in mind to drink plenty of water as well. Your glass of water or lemonade will not only help you feel a little fuller and less hungry, but it will also help you avoid consuming too much extra sodium, which can lead to bloating. So keep in mind to drink enough water.

Know when to stop and watch your caloric intake

It is normal to indulge in delicious dishes when you are having a cheat meal or day. In fact, you’ll eat a lot more than you do on other days. Overdoing it, however, is never a good idea. As a result, monitor your calorie intake and be aware of when to stop. You can keep munching away for hours on end, but try eating at a slower pace and mindfully to consume fewer calories.

Final thoughts 

A planned cheat day is the best kind of cheat day. Plan your cheat meals so that you don’t end the day feeling bad or with a bloated stomach from eating whatever you could. This will lower the chance of your body experiencing any discomfort.

One cheat day does not affect your weight, so it is alright to have one occasion to break up the routine and keep yourself motivated.

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Written by: Harleen Kaur