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How A 55 Year Old Saved 15,400 On Health Checkups In 1 Year?

how to save money on health checkups

Yes! This is possible!

Growing old is an inevitable part of life. With increasing age you gain experience, wisdom, respect and better perspective of life but it also means weaker body more prone to diseases. I am a 55 year old man and my body has started showing the signs of ageing. My body has gone through years of wear and tear and my health is not the same. I have always been a carefree person and was never really health conscious as a youth but it is a different story now.

Like any other person I too was busy earning for myself and my family. Involved in the hustle and bustle of everyday life my health, unfortunately, took a backseat. I am the only earning member in my family and my wife was busy taking care of my parents and children. Neither of us had the time to focus on our health as we were too busy riding the roller coaster called life.

We also had limited sources of knowledge in our times as the internet was not there and everything was not a click away those days. Neither were there smart phones to give you google results of anything in fraction of seconds. Most of us were not so enthusiastic about exercising or following a healthy diet at that time.

But that was past. Now coming to the present- with the increasing age it was only natural for me to fear for health. Most of the people of the same age bracket as me; my neighbours, friends and family were suffering from some health problem or the other like diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, thyroid and high cholesterol levels to name a few common ones.

It was only wiser for me to be worried for my own health and I decided to go for proper health tests to determine my health status. I was nearing retirement and had a few health insurance policies that claimed to refund the hospital bills. But to my utter astonishment I got to know that these claims required hospitalization and were not applicable on regular health tests. Hard earned money is really precious and these tests cost quite a bit. I had to look for a  budget friendly option. Let me take you through my experience of health checkup and how I stumbled upon the huge savings.

I was advised to go a full body checkup covering diabetes, kidneys, liver function, CBC, and cholesterol tests from a famous chain of laboratory. These tests cost me around  Rs.2200.

My worst fear came true when I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes and high cholesterol.  I then visited my family doctor for consultation (Rs. 750 per consultation) who further advised me to bring in changes in my diet and keep a constant check on my sugar levels. Apart from this, considering my age, he advised me regular full body checkup every 3 months for 2 purposes:

  • To know how my health is faring (improving or going down )
  • and to know how effective my medications, diet control and exercise was

Honestly, the idea did sound very encouraging but the thought of the expense burden on my pocket was demotivating me.

My diet had to be changed from normal to sugarless diet in terms of added sugars which also required constant monitoring from the laboratory. My cholesterol levels were also high and I was on regular medication as per doctor recommendation. I was also advised for thyroid and urine tests to get a clear picture of my health status. All these regular tests were costing me a fortune and was out of my budget. I decided to explore more about diagnostic centres to avail the best and most pocket friendly services.

I started looking for some health checkup packages where I could get diabetes, lipid profile, thyroid levels and other add on tests at a lower cost. One of my neighbour recommended Healthians as a really satisfying service provider. I decided to do my own research, so I googled about Healthians and they did had very good reviews so I decided to opt for Healthians. I clicked the link and pop came a screen from a representative asking if could offer some help. I chatted with her and she gave me a lot of guidance on how to choose my package from their website. I explained my health status to her and she suggested me various health packages and tests suitable for me. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

I got myself tested at Healthians and got a never before service from them. The phlebotomist was very well trained and so pleasant to interact with. Along with my test results I got a free consultation with their dietitian and doctor on their panel. On further analyzing I realised the huge cost difference between Healthians and other diagnostic labs.

Name of Tests      Healthians    Others
Glucose 60 80
Kidney Function Test 250  780
HbA1c 350  440
Lipid Profile 300 1100
Urine Tests 60 110
Thyroid Tests 450 930
Liver Tests 250 780
Total 1720 4220


There is a visible huge difference between the costs of the services provided without any compromise on the quality. I was also provided with the free doctor consultation (Rs.750/- on an average per visit) and free at home collection services  (Rs.100/- per visit charged by other labs) as well.  As these are the most common and regularly recommended tests to keep a check on your health, the prices can make an enormous difference to your pocket.

Healthians  also offer an amazing feature of annual subscription on their app which made my life really easy. The annual subscription is a great value deal as they offers packages at further discounted rates. Plus priority slots as per my convenience and auto reminders so that I never miss on any of my appointments.  I booked advance diabetic package on subscription with them. This covers all my required tests to be conducted 4 times a year with all add-ons like free home sample collection, same day online reports and free doctor and dietician consultation. This further added Rs.1620/- annually to my savings. More than anything they really value their customers which makes you feel important and nice. Our health becomes their priority and gives you an assurance of simplified test results which are given on time.

So, now if I calculate the total expense on health test for 1 year, I would have paid Rs.20280/- but with Healthians, I paid only Rs.4860/-, saving Rs.15420/- in total. (The amount Rs.20280/- includes 4 checkups of Rs.4220/- each + 4 doctor consultations of Rs.750/- each + Rs.100/- spent 4 times for home sample collection). Rs.4860/- is the price paid to Healthians for the annual subscription for Advance Diabetic Package. Now that is some savings, I must say. Plus the convenience of getting all services at home.

Now rather than running from here to there I have homed on to Healthians for all my test. This is not only for me and my wife but for all those who value time and money and do not compromise on quality – Healthians is just the diagnostic service provider you were searching for.


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